Selling Your Home? Small Changes Can Bring Big Results

remodel the bathroom in your Boca Raton, Selling Your Home? Small Changes Can Bring Big Results

Selling Your Home? Small Changes Can Bring Big Results

After spending more time at home, you may have decided that it’s time to remodel the bathroom in your Boca Raton home or maybe you’re contemplating a kitchen remodel for your Boynton Beach condo. There are others who, after quarantining at home, have decided that a home remodeling project isn’t going to do the trick and it’s time to sell up and look for a new home. 

Whether you are looking for more space, downsizing, moving out of the area to be near family or taking a new job across country, when the time comes to put your house on the market there are steps you can take that will help you to sell your house quickly and for the price you want.

Small Changes Make a Big Difference

There are simple things you can do, like clearing away the clutter and putting away the family photos that will make it easier for prospective buyers to see themselves in the place you have called home. You’ll also want to clean up the yard, maybe spruce up the landscaping a bit. You know what they say about first impressions. 

And while you are outside, why not give the patio or pool deck some love? In Florida, families tend to spend a lot of time outside. A little pressure washing will have your outdoor spaces looking fresh and inviting. Some new cushions or pillows for the patio furniture wouldn’t hurt either. 

If you are willing to go a little farther and roll up your sleeves, you might want to try one of these cosmetic upgrades recommended by the design experts at HGTV: 

  • Out-of-date light fixtures can make your rooms look dated, too. Install new ones. 
  • Paint your walls a nice neutral shade. And give the kitchen cabinets a fresh look, too.
  • Put up some crown molding.
  • Put up new ceiling fans that don’t look dated.
  • Replace the knobs and pulls on your kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanity with something simple. Give some serious thought to replacing your fixtures, too.  
  • Install white subway tile in your kitchen or bath.

If you need help getting your house ready to sell, call us at (561) 264-4920 for a free phone consultation. Whether you need a few things spruced up or want to remodel a bathroom in Boca Raton, remodel a kitchen in Delray Beach or take on some other home remodeling project, we would be happy to help.

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