3 Easy DIY Kitchen Updates

kitchen renovation, 3 Easy DIY Kitchen Updates

3 Easy DIY Kitchen Updates

We have all been spending more time at home this year. And the more time we spend at home, the more we see things we would like to spruce up – and the more you might dream of a home renovation for your Boca Raton retreat or your Delray Beach historic home. 

Of course a good part of the time you spend at home has probably been spent in the kitchen, which might have you itching to call Emerald Isle Home Remodeling for an estimate on a kitchen remodeling job in your Pompano Beach condo or your Boynton Beach bungalow. 

As much as you might be longing for a kitchen renovation, the economic restraints that are also part of the current situation might mean this isn’t the best time for a big project. We understand. And we’ll be here to help you with your Boca Raton or Boynton Beach kitchen remodeling project when the time is right for you. 

In the meantime, the folks at HGTV put together a great list of ideas based on the idea that, “Small changes will add big style when you think creatively.” Here are three of our favorites:  

1 – Add an accent wall. 

Sarah Stacey Interior Design offered this tip to HGTV’s list: “We’ve long ago reembraced wallpaper and the major style points it can add to any space in your home — especially in a concentrated dose. Cover one wall to create an accent piece that adds panache to your kitchen. Make use of leftover wallpaper from another project or invest just a bit of money. If you’re covering a small area, it won’t break the budget.” 

2 – Liven things up with a pop of color. 

Natalie Myers suggested painting the beadboard under a kitchen island – or some other “slightly hidden spot” – to inject a splash of colorful personality. “Jazzing up a small area doesn’t require a ton of paint, so grab some leftover paint from another project or buy a sample can to cover the space for around the cost of your venti coffee,” she told HGTV.

3 – Switch things up

If you haven’t already gone through your kitchen cabinets and drawers as part of your quarantine organizing and decluttering mission, there’s still time! As the helpful folks at HGTV recommend, “See how you can make your space work for not against you. Move the glasses closer to the refrigerator or silverware in the drawer under your plates. Laying out your kitchen in the most functional way possible doesn’t cost you a dime. Also, look for simple, inexpensive updates that go a long way. Add a divider to separate your pans or install pullouts to make the most of your deep cabinets.”

Have some fun and get creative! Trust your instincts. And, when it is time for the home remodeling project you’re dreaming of – including that kitchen renovation in your Delray Beach or Boynton Beach home, we hope you will contact us.

Kris Chase
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